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Transformation Though Intelligent Information

Exceeding mere data storage, retrieval, and delivery, NxtGen is fully equipped to take the next leap into the evolution of cloud-computing services: enabling you to mine data so as to glean critical and incisive business insights, by deploying advanced data analytics and visualization tools, which can empower your enterprise to be not just agile, but completely transformed.

NxtGen Hadoop-as-a-Service can help you transform multiple application/ transactional systems to integrate seamlessly with Enterprise Data Hub (EDH) hosted on Hadoop, as well as run analytics workloads.
  • Virtual Hadoop clusters using NxtGen native cloud platform NG3
  • Bare Metal Hadoop cluster as a stand-alone service, at client’s IT premise
Data Integration-as-a-Service
NxtGen offers open source "data integration" tools enablement with Hadoop-as-a-service ecosystem, with multiple toolsets offered as an integrated solution. With increasing processing speeds, companies need to access information real-time, which means there is a need for zero latency to data processing. To keep up with this, NxtGen offers options for data ingestion-as-a-service:
  • Structured Data Ingestion via Hbase/ Hive: Tools that connect your RDBMS or SQL databases and run the queries in EDH
  • Unstructured Data Ingestion: Scoop or Flume as a continuous data pipeline
Data Transformation-as-a-Service
NxtGen offers opportunities to EDH customers to transform their data sets, as well as provides visualization and analytics enablement with Hadoop-as-a-Service ecosystem to customers with multiple toolsets offered as an integrated solution. We offer Data Ingestion-as-a-Service via our partner ecosystem on a pay-per-use model of professional services, giving customers the choice of multiple capabilities, ensuring end-to-end data transformation, from data ingestion, normalization, integration and analytics.
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