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Infinite Vault

Accessing the next level of security

NxtGen Infinite Vault acts as a secure vault to store all your critical enterprise documents. Employees can access and share documents from any computing device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, or through a third-party computer, using a secure browser. Flexibility in deployment is one of the key aspects of Infinite Vault. Enterprises can choose to have hosted, on-premise or hybrid models depending on their compliance requirements. Common files can be shared between departments in your organization by allowing only the required users to access the relevant files. Native clients for iOS and Android can access and share files on the move with the help of Infinite Vault.

Infinite Vault provides complete control to the IT administrator of an enterprise to set folder access permissions and monitor the files shared between users. There is a group-level policy in place to grant/ revoke access to specific groups of people. You can implement sharing restrictions with the ability to protect important data with a password. What’s more, you get AES 256-bit encryption for data in transit and at rest, as well as a complete activity log to track what has been shared during a given time period.

Key Differentiators

  • Enterprise Document Management System
    Infinitely Scalable:

    Harness the power of an infinitely-scalable vault, specifically built for enterprises

  • Cloud Document Management System
    Infinitely Flexible:

    The Infinite vault provides the choice of on-premise and hosted models

  • Document Storage System
    Infinitely Secure:

    Experience enhanced security to sync and share your files

Key Advantages of using Infinite Vault

  • You can choose to deploy Infinite Vault on a hosted or on-premise model. On a hosted model, the server is dedicated solely for a specific enterprise only.
  • Infinite Vault integrates with your active directory for authentication and SSO. It can also integrate with your existing document management systems like SharePoint.

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